Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
8 - 12 May 2018 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center

Privacy Policy

As one of the group companies of ITE Group PLC. in Turkey, YEM FUARCILIK A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as YEM EXHIBITIONS) organizes YAPI - TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL, the leading Construction, Building Materials and Technologies exhibition in Turkey. The confidentiality of the user information and/or information in YEM EXHIBITIONS membership system input at certain stages in the organization of these exhibitions via the websites of YEM EXHIBITIONS. ( and and official mobile applications are protected under the following items.


1. The privacy policy takes your individual rights under guarantee.
2. You are not required to submit your real name during the membership registration process you will need to carry out in order to visit our exhibition and/or benefit from the products/services specified in this website. However, in order for YEM EXHIBITIONS to reach out the user to inform about the latest opportunities and the membership confirmation  required for some our services, the e-mail address you will submit is required to be right and real.  In case of events which will enable the user for a tangible or incorporeal advantage and/or right via the authenticity of his/her name and surname, authenticity condition will be sought; in this respect, losses of right resulting from intentional or unintentional false/imperfect/faulty submission of personal information will fall under the responsibility of the user.
3. The personal information submitted by the user will not be disclosed to other YEM EXHIBITIONS members, unless for a consent from the user. But this information can be used by and within YEM EXHIBITIONS for establishing customer profiles. This profiling can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes by YEM EXHIBITIONS in marketing and/or promotion activities. The websites of YEM EXHIBITIONS crosslink other websites. The warranties specified in this hereby Privacy Policy is valid only for our own Website. In this respect, YEM EXHIBITIONS shall not be responsible for any possible damage members and/or any YEM EXHIBITIONS website member may suffer from the websites that are reached via the links on our Website.
4. The e-mail address of the user shall not under any circumstance be directly shared with other associations. The YEM EXHIBITIONS membership information the user submits to the system will only be reachable and modifiable by the user. It is not possible for another member (unless open consent from the user) to access and modify the information of the user.


5. You can submit your membership cancellation requests for YEM EXHIBITONS Websites to The user also reserves the right to individually unsubscribe from any subscriptions he/she signed up on the YEM EXHIBITIONS membership screen and cancel his/her YEM EXHIBITIONS membership. Following the membership cancellation, all you information stored on the YEM EXHIBITIONS Membership system will be removed.
6. For all your questions and inquiries, you can reach us at 0212 266 7010.