Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
8 - 12 May 2018 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center

Exhibitor Testimonials

Göksen Yedigüller- General Manager
"The main purpose of our presence at this exhibition is to come together with sector professionals. The professional companies active in the construction sector always attend this exhibition. There are also professional people; technical people. They visit this exhibition as well. This is an exhibition where all manufacturers, executives and professionals come together; hence why we feel the need to be present among them and attend this exhibition. As you know, our country is going through an urban transformation; there are also new building and sites zoned for construction. Both our government and state support the construction sector greatly with new projects and supports especially in terms of VAT. In this frame, exhibitions take place in a much more combined manner. We have always been determined to attend Yapı exhibitions and will do our best to attend the next ones as well. This exhibition assists us greatly with our sales and marketing activities in terms of promotion and usage of our products. We perceive Yapı as an exhibition where professionals make and finalize their choices; therefore, this exhibition is directly effective on sales and marketing. We have been attending Yapı for 5 years and we are very pleased." 

Fevzi Fırat- Sales Manager

"Yapı is very important for us in two aspects; one is the domestic market, and the other is the foreign market. At this year’s exhibition, we have observed that foreign market activities and exhibitors are way more in numbers; especially as of yesterday. I also think that our new structuring in the domestic market is very important in terms of organizing projects and new dealerships. Yapı has great contributions for us in terms of increasing the awareness and recognition of our newly developed or newly introduced products on market, project and dealership levels. This is thanks to the fact that we receive a lot of feedback in terms of supporting the dealership structure in the regions of especially the domestic market where we are deficient and renewing that dealership organization. We are very pleased with the foreign visitors. I have been a part of this organization for 7 years and personally attended every exhibition. Yapı is a must for the construction sector."

Tolga Öztoprak- Deputy General Manager  
"We have been attending this exhibition ever since it was founded; which means we have been attending for almost 40 years. Yapı is now an essential exhibition for us. It is very important for us in terms of not only gathering with our clients, but also with our partners and shareholders.  Obviously, the goal here is not to market a product; but we share our innovations with our shareholders every year. This year we have 3 specific innovations; we are here to introduce them to the sector and our shareholders. Foreign visitors are here and they are increasing in number. Since we are an international company, we have factories in neighboring countries; but our export is very limited. We sell almost entirely to Turkey, but we have met with international suppliers regarding some technical equipment at our factory. The exhibition is the biggest gathering point of the construction sector in our country. In this sense, we think that it is not only important for Turkey, but also for neighboring countries and the entire construction sector. "

Alper Erdoğan- Domestic and Foreign Sales Director 
"The only building exhibition where all sectors in Turkey, especially the construction sector, come together is the Yapı exhibition in Istanbul. We have been attending this exhibition for the last 9 years and our main purposes here are to show our presence within the sector, communicate with our clients, dealers and companies who don’t know us and improve the sales and marketing activities of our products. After each exhibition we receive a lot of calls; so this exhibition definitely accelerates our sales. Especially the evaluations we make at the end of the exhibition which show us our deficiencies and the things we can additionally do and the opportunity to see the applications of different companies active in the same branch of the sector are very beneficial to us. Each year we host foreign visitors and we try to assist them as much as we can. There are companies who do not know our products but need them. We provide the required assistance to these companies. We also try to promote our new products to the companies who do not need those products and already know them. This exhibition is one of the biggest exhibitions in the region; this has to be mentioned. Since this is an international exhibition, it would be wrong to evaluate it solely within Turkey. There are visitors and exhibitors from abroad." 
Özhan Olcay- General Manager
"Yapı is the gathering point of the sector companies. It is an arena which not only provides us with a platform to exhibit our products to our clients and market players but also presents the opportunity to gather with colleagues, manufacturer and supplier companies, evaluate the market and the sector, compare our end-of-the-year goals and make revisions and exchange ideas. If I’m not mistaken, we have been attending Yapı since 1996, which amounts to almost 22 years. During this period, Yapı developed from a very small ground to what it is today. We believe that it is the most important building and construction exhibition in Turkey. We care about the quality of the exhibitors as much as the quantity. We see it as a show in which we should also participate. We prefer Yapı as our gathering point with the companies. I believe that the exhibition is very effective in the region."
Çiğdem Taşkınöz- Sales and Marketing Manager
"First of all, I should say that we are deeply thrilled to be a part of this exhibition. It is very important to us that the exhibitor audience of the exhibition is more conscious, comes to this exhibition on purpose and with clear intentions; this is where we meet that conscious audience. It has serious contributions to our sales activities. In order to use this to our advantage, we try to make the most out of these five days. The fact that the exhibition takes place in Istanbul is one of the factors which made us participate in the exhibition. The local and foreign consumer attraction potential of the region and the serious figures of entry to and exit from the exhibition are also greatly influential on our decision to promote our brand’s investments to the consumer. At each exhibition, we end up with solid connections and trade activities. This is not the purpose of our participation, but it comes as a bonus. In this sense, it also makes sense for us to be at the exhibition for the purposes of our sales and marketing activities. We have a lot of foreign visitors. The main indicator here is the high number of foreign visitors. The fact that our foreign visitors prefer this exhibition goes to show that exhibiting is being handled correctly in our country; therefore, Yapı is a very important exhibition in the international arena."